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New Age All-Natural 

Bath & Herbals!

We started this shop to help people with allergies to be able to enjoy pretty colored soap and products without them being full of dyes and chemicals. After being opened for a few years we started to grow our all-natural new age shop so that we can have a wide range of products for people to enjoy.

Need Some Spiritual Items to Help with Your Witchy Problems?

Well look no further. We offer a wide range of products that will help you add a little magick into your life... For those that are just starting on their spiritual journey we offer products like Mini Spell Kits with a detailed guide, Specific Gemstone Intention Candles, and a wide range of Gemstones & Smudge Bundles to help you get started. For those already on the path we offer Intention Soaps, Oils, and Sprays to help with some of your future rituals...

Take a Look at Some of Our Best Sellers!

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