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Need little help getting through a rough break up, or have you just loss someone close to you and need a little help moving forward?

Well look no father. This kit has a detailed step by step guide for those just starting on the spiritual path or for those that want to do some easy magick without having to try to put their own supplies together. This kit can be used as complete set, but we encourage you to add whatever you feel is needed to help you achieve your intention. The one thing that we suggest that you add to your ritual, is some smudge or incense sticks that aline with your intention, other then that, just have fun with it.


This Kit Includes -

•    Paper for Writing Intentions 
•    Small Bottle of Salt 
•    Large Bottle of Emotional Healing Spell Powder
•    Purple Twine\String
•    Purple Candle 
•    Purple Spell Bag
•    Emotional Release\ Grief Oil
•    Amethyst
•    Carnelian
•    Obsidian
•    Unakite

Emotional Release & Healing Mini Spell Kit

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