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Are you having trouble cuting ties with someone or do you have a person that will not leave you alone no matter how hard to you try to get away from their meddling?

Well look no father. This kit has a detailed step by step guide for those just starting on the spiritual path or for those that want to do some easy magick without having to try to put their own supplies together. This kit as complete set, but we encourage you to add whatever you feel is needed to help you achieve your intention. This kit is more powerful then all of other kits so please be careful when doing this kit, other then that, please have fun with it.


This kit needs you to supply-

  • a picture of the target/targets
  • Watertight Container of some kind
  • Duct Tape
  • Some Kind of liquid to fill the jar (I used my urine because a witchy friend of mine told that it would work the best for this type of spell. You can also use Moon Infused water or Holy Water.)
  • Items that you feel that needs to go into the container (something shiny and something sharp). Please keep in mind that you are throwing it away when you are done. I personally used broken glass and some nails\screws to reflect any curses\ ill intentions and to also help me nail them into place.
  • If you have anything that belongs to or has been given to you by the target of this spell, then it might help to put that object into the container as well. And if you have objects that don’t fit then you should either burn or donate them afterwards.
  • Lastly you need something to cleanse the area. (Smudge or Incense sticks).


The Kit includes -

  • Paper for Writing Intentions
  • Small Bottle of Protection Spell Powder
  • Small Bottle of Banishing Spell Powder
  • Large Bottle of Black Salt
  • Compact Mirror
  • Twine/ Rope
  • Black Spell Candle
  • White Spell Bag
  • Evil Eye Protection Essential Oil
  • Black Obsidian
  • Clear Quartz
  • Selenite

Binding Mini Spell Kit

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